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Grandaddy Purple Skunk Cannabis Seed Strain Review

Coming initially from OR. — The Grandaddy Purple Skunk  Cannabis strain was genetically created by crossing an earlier Skunk strain (possibly Skunk #1) with Purp’s #1. These buds are available in promising small to medium-sized dense buds and therefore are very resonated with tri-chromes, dark-orange pistils and strongly crimson buds. This F1 hybrid is part of the Purple Cannabis Seed Strain family and offers patients a lengthy-lasting cerebral stimulation. It’s also preferred as it tends to have an very unique flavor of skunk, dank, grapes, wine and berries.

Ready for harvest after just 8 to 9 weeks of indoor flowering (or even the first week of October when growing outdoors), Crimson Skunk provides individuals who grow her having a yield that contains a THC content as much as 20%. She develops of average height and frequently turns an exciting crimson throughout maturity. She’s also appropriate for starting to advanced farmers who cultivate both inside in addition to outdoors.
This magnificent strain is fairly listed for the most part shops and it is preferred among individuals who are suffering from migraines, inflammation, minor pains and aches, depression, cramps and jerks. Request your preferred dispensary about trying Crimson Skunk today!
Classification: Sativa (85%) / Indica (15%)
Growing Atmosphere: Indoor/Outside
Garden Abilities: Beginner
Flowering Time: 8 – 9 weeks (indoor) or beginning of October (outside)
Yield: Moderate
THC Range: 18 – 20%
Medical Uses: Migraines, jerks, inflammation, depression, discomfort relief
Breeder: Nederlander Passion
This Cannabis Strain includes a sweet berry smell into it with a little skunk, its crimson buds are perfect to see and also the taste is fruity and incredibly very appealing. It places you inside a arena of masterdom. Lasting high too. I suggest this strain. It’s most defenitly gained a just right my cannabis counter...Perfect for SOG.