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What is the viablitity of my Cannabis Seeds

What is the viability of my Cannabis Seeds:

It’s been four months and many great sessions since your last harvest…Which means you can’t recall if you bought your cannabis seed products from a Cannabis seedbank … (head scratching? Phat rip to remember) where they breed them each year for yield, potency and pest resistance? Or if you just selected a couple of  cannabis seeds from the bag of marijuana grown last year.

Now it’s time to check if they’re good and viable. You could attempt to germinate your cannabis seeds and that would give the  supreme answer, but then from a timing standpoint  you’re not prepared  and organized with your marijuana grow in place.

To find out your cannabis seeds quality you have to watch every seed for signs and symptoms of immaturity meaning the color and designs around the marijuana seed surface is combined, gray or geenhish and also the surface is simply too soft. Too youthful of a cannabis seed products will also be more compact. When the seed is simply too old you will observe cracks and you will see noteworthy alternation in weight meaning old marijuana seed will loose its water content and be light. Quality viable marijuana seed products are bigger, have obvious distinct surface color pattern, tend to be heavy with water and also the surface is difficult. Usually the highest quality seed products are individuals bought from a producer on the internet, also quality is extremely high when purchasing at specialized marijuana seed shops in nations where law allowes retail marijuana seed products commerce.

Obviously, germination may be the ultimate test, but don’t forget it’s not 100% sure, because if it’s a grower who does not understand how to germinate cannabis seed products correctly and damages them throughout germination, you won’t ever know should you have had quality seed products or otherwise. That’s why if you are planning growing marijuana plants each year, and thinking about looking at new genetic accomplishments, make sure to examine your seed products caref


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