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Weed rich Delta 9-Tetrahydrocannabinol (delta 9-THC), cannabinol, cannabidiol and cannabichromene were detected available in cannabis seed products by silica gel TLC and gas chromatography. These cannabinoids been around in rather high-content (.10-2.02 mg/100 g of pot seed products) within the feed for wild birds especially bracts (82.3-441 mg/100 g). Once the suspension prepared in the benzene washing solution of cannabis seed products, BenW, was given in a dose of three mg/kg akin to delta 9-THC right into a mouse, i.v., BenW triggered hypothermia, catalepsy, pentobarbital-caused sleep prolongation and suppression of locomotor activity. These medicinal activities of BenW were considerably greater than individuals of delta 9-THC (3 mg/kg, i.v.). These results may suggest the requirement to reconsider the current rules on marihuana.

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Coming initially from OR. — The Grandaddy Purple Skunk  Cannabis strain was genetically created by crossing an earlier Skunk strain (possibly Skunk #1) with Purp’s #1. These buds are available in promising small to medium-sized dense buds and therefore are very resonated with tri-chromes, dark-orange pistils and strongly crimson buds. This F1 hybrid is part of the Purple Cannabis Seed Strain family and offers patients a lengthy-lasting cerebral stimulation. It’s also preferred as it tends to have an very unique flavor of skunk, dank, grapes, wine and berries.

Ready for harvest after just 8 to 9 weeks of indoor flowering (or even the first week of October when growing outdoors), Crimson Skunk provides individuals who grow her having a yield that contains a THC content as much as 20%. She develops of average height and frequently turns an exciting crimson throughout maturity. She’s also appropriate for starting to advanced farmers who cultivate both inside in addition to outdoors.
This magnificent strain is fairly listed for the most part shops and it is preferred among individuals who are suffering from migraines, inflammation, minor pains and aches, depression, cramps and jerks. Request your preferred dispensary about trying Crimson Skunk today!
Classification: Sativa (85%) / Indica (15%)
Growing Atmosphere: Indoor/Outside
Garden Abilities: Beginner
Flowering Time: 8 – 9 weeks (indoor) or beginning of October (outside)
Yield: Moderate
THC Range: 18 – 20%
Medical Uses: Migraines, jerks, inflammation, depression, discomfort relief
Breeder: Nederlander Passion
This Cannabis Strain includes a sweet berry smell into it with a little skunk, its crimson buds are perfect to see and also the taste is fruity and incredibly very appealing. It places you inside a arena of masterdom. Lasting high too. I suggest this strain. It’s most defenitly gained a just right my cannabis counter...Perfect for SOG.


I thinks So…The ever popular Jack Herer cannabis seed strain is a 4 way combination of diverse sativas. It was a labor of love in remembrance of Jack Herer  the author of “The Emperor Wears No Clothes”. It’s a genetic cross between Marley’s Collie with a limited number of other mild sativas in it. It’s a very pleasant combination of cannabis sativa genetics. It’s not the “highest” yielding cannabis seeds you can use, but it provides a really respectable medicate state with a very high THC count.

Jack Herer is a slightly gangling plant. It ‘s almost vine itself, but it will grow extremely tall if you let it. It’s probably better for outdoor as you don’t have as much invested into it, but it’s also decent in a greenhouse cannabis strain. You can grow this cannabis seed indoors as well. It just depends on I guess what you put into it.

The Jack Herer cannabis seeds respond well to light, so If you trim the lower  branches you get a a much bigger plant, you can get a lot more yield off of it in the outdoor greenhouse situation versus indoor in a highly restricted root environment. It’s one that one’s root has an equal shoot. You can’t grow a great plant and a little bitty root. It makes it hard to do it in a time scale indoors.

Jack Herer takes a while to flower because its sativa genetics. It takes between 80 and 90 days to finish flowering, and it’s one of the ones you definitely want to finish flowering. If you don’t have enough light, you might have to go 100. It’s not one of them that lends itself to shade planting or to cheapening out on the indoor lights.

Jack Herer is close to Neville’s Haze. A lot of the ties, a lot of the Africans, it comes down to pure sativas that are lowland in descent, and it’s just a hybrid of those.

Jack Herer is really easy to sell. They’re a lot of people out there that want these sativas, like Jack Herer and a few we mentioned here. A lot of people don’t want to grow it because they don’t get the yield out of them, but the price is reflected. So, you get more money out of it, and it’s also easier to get rid of because people will take it instantly, because not very many people want to grow sativas.

They don’t realize that to a patient population they’re highly dependent upon the sativas and upon them being available at a decent price and sufficient quality. It’s one of those ones that I don’t discourage people from growing it because it’s very much needed, and it will sell instantly at almost any club you take it to.